I've been waylaid by a mysterious illness, going on six days and counting. Not fishing for sympathy but it's been a rather nasty combination of fatigue, aches, pains and weird red welts all over my legs (No Hives). My infinitely apathetic doctor couldn't tell me much more than “you have a virus,” get some rest, drink some chicken soup, watch the rest of your Simpsons Season 9 on DVD.” Needless to say, last night the Beer Baron saved the day. Up yours Rex Banner.

My other primary diversions have been the haunted and hypnotic alchemy of Light in August and pre-WWII Delta hell-hound blues. The sort of stuff that reminds you as bad as it gets, it's still pretty good. After all, I could be blogging under the nom de plume, Blind Jeffrey Weiss, which was originally slated to be my alias, but was unfortunately revealed to be previously taken by a popular Israeli Ophthalmological blogger. I'm no expert on the Blues but I know a little and hopefully you'll enjoy the mix. It sounds right to me in the middle of this fierce August haze.

Passion of the Weiss Muxtape #9- The I've Either Got Mono Or I'm Just Really Bored Blues

Tracklisting After the Jump

1.Skip James – Cypress Grove Blues

2.Blind Willie Davis-When The Saints Go Marching

3.Blind Willie Johnson-Lord I Just Can't Keep from Crying

4.Thomas A. Dorsey-How About You?

5.Frank Palmes- Troubled 'Bout My Soul

6. Skip James-Devil Got My Woman

7. Son House-Death Letter

8. Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie- When The Levee Breaks

9. Leadbelly-Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

10.Robert Johnson – Cross Road Blues

11. Jaybird Coleman- Man Trouble Blues

12. Bukka White -Shake 'Em On Down

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