Lost somewhere in the shuffle of the 43,214 stories on the potential impact of Obama's ex-pastor's crack-pot comments*, was the news that Albert Hoffmann, the founder of LSD, died this week at the ripe old age of 102. Along with completely dis-proving everything you ever learned in D.A.R.E class and befriending Aldous Huxley, Allen Ginsberg and Timothy Leary, Hofmann also invented methergine, a drug for postpartum hemorrhaging, the leading cause of death from childbirth. Understandably, he's more remembered for his other invention, the one that allowed hundreds of thousands of people to expand their minds, and hundreds of thousands more to roll their eyes. The New York Times obit on Hofmann is fascinating and recommended reading. In the meantime, this muxtape goes out to the memory of the father of LSD, with songs selected that wouldn't have been possible had Hoffman not accidentally ingested some ergot fungus on a fateful day in April 1934. Ergo.

Weiss' Muxtape #2: A Tribute to Albert Hofmann-“Pour Out A Little Lysergic”

* Question to ponder: Do you think at any point in the past week, Obama turned to Michelle and said, “Damnit, why did Rev. Wright have to become such a little bitch?”

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