It speaks volumes for the nature of a media industry event when, along with the requisite Diet Sodas and veggie plate, there are mini Colgate wisp toothbrushes given out at the concessions table. While we'll leave you to consider the implications of why you would need a mini toothbrush at a tech conference (their slogan is “Anytime, Anywhere”) we also don't want you to miss out on the other random baubles we've managed to accumulate on our trip. Here's a list and pics of some strange things we found at the bottom of our handbags.

1. A URL stapled to a $1.00 bill

We haven't had time to go to the site but if you want to fall prey to their pretty brilliant marketing scheme then check out

2. A nipple button (!!!)

Which reminds me of my favorite OH convo at SXSW:

Guy: How does it feel to be pretty and smart?

Girl: I'm more “smart and pretty.” I don't have the boobs for “pretty and smart.”

2nd Guy: It's all about the nipples anyways.

3. High concept business cards

The best I've seen thus far are from which highlight individuals from L.A.'s tech scene, and the MySpace ones which feature screen shots from card owner's profiles.

4. Colgate Wisp mini-toothbrushes

I actually stocked up on these, I just wish they made an Advance Whitening version.

5. A memory stick attached to Mardi Gras beads

What happens in SXSW stays on (p.s. if these are your beads and you need them back you can ping us at @alexiatsotsis or

6. SAG LED badge illuminator

Bob Jensen from SAG New Media Division gave me this little light that made sure people saw your credentials, giving the iPhone sock a run for its money in the usefulness department.

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