Weird Soda: Nu-Grape SodaAt least one part of NuGrape's name is accurate: It does, indeed, taste like grape soda. In fact, it tastes almost exactly like Grape Fanta (though we'd need to conduct a side-by-side comparison to be certain).

On the flipside, there's nothing new (or “nu”) about it. Once again, the clever use of faux-retro packaging has suckered us into spending nearly as much on a 12 oz. bottle of specialty soda as we'd spend on a 2-liter jug of pedestrian Fanta.

NuGrape gets points for appearance and for the fact that it's not worse than anything you'd find in a typical supermarket. Sweet and cloying, this is generic fake-grape at its finest. But a specialty soda? Ha. We won't fall for that again, Big Red.


(3 stars out of 5)

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