We were prepared to laugh last night at Lexus' intriguing-sounding “Darker Side of Green” event at Palihouse, a party and lively debate about green issues with SNL funny man Andy Samberg moderating, but –as seems to be the case a lot lately in West Hollywood– it hit capacity early and the door was being held by Fire Marshall when we got there. Eventually, the street was closed off by the area Police as well. The cops were not nice about it either. We weren't laughing when we left.

Still had a funny –and fabulous– evening in WeHo, though, and it was all thanks to the new “bourgeois discoteque” known as Coquette, inside Boudoir (formerly Coco DeVille). What was funny? Well, take a look at the pic below.

Andy Samberg might have sang “Dick In A Box,” but the original Dick man, Andy Dick himself was making the rounds in WeHo too (he apparently left the Lexus party for the club). Shockingly this was our first proper face time with the freaky, self-proclaimed tri-sexual comedian, but we've had plenty of mutual pals and near-miss encounters over the years (the post-party details of which have always been too scandalous to write about without actually seeing ourselves). Dick seems to leave people talking wherever he goes, that's for sure, and he's definitely been kicked out of the best clubs in town.

Dick music trivia: What rockstar painted this cover of Andy's 2002 album with "Bitches of the Century"?

Dick music trivia: What rockstar painted this cover of Andy's 2002 album with “Bitches of the Century”?

That didn't happen last night, but he did ask one of our galpals – completely straight-faced- if he could “f*ck you with my tennis racket dick?” When she refused, he promptly approached a guy at the bar and started grinding on him, even though he was apparently there with his “new boyfriend' Andrew Burns (a PR pretty boy for Cocktail Wax, and salon up street that gets you sloshed and smooth at the same time). Burns, by the way, told us C-Wax is currently filming its own reality TV show after just “vajazzling” Kathy Griffin on her D-List show. Glam bam, thank you ma'am.

Watching Dick's antics was amusing, of course, but it was the wacky and sophisticated mix at Coquette that was really entertaining. The club, from wonder boys Rusty Updegraff (Beige) and Billy Burgess (Society) has that magical mix of sass and class, club kid attitude and homo haute-ness, that you don't' see much on this side of town anymore. Adjacent to the sleek celeb-hub STK, Boudoir has done away with Coco DeVille's mod-ish décor and gone for a sexy bedroom feel, all billowy curtains and gleaming chandeliers, making a seductive backdrop for the colorful crowds at Coquette.

Last night, Phyllis Navidad (Shits & Giggles) was on the decks and the revelers included everyone from Candis Cayne (Dirty Sexy Money, Nip/Tuck, Drop Dead Diva) to Jessica and Hunter Amazeballs (recent hosts of LOGO's New Now Next Awards and Nightranger's current guilty pleasure performance duo).

Check out this amazeballs clip from their Youtube page (with shout-outs to Mr. Dick and WeHo clubbin').

Coquette, every Thursday at Boudoir, 755 N. La Cienaga Blvd. (310) 659-3900.

Photos in next week's Nightranger slideshow.

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