A publicist for the West Hollywood club at the center of a Republican National Committee spending spree in the Los Angeles area last month wants to correct the record: It's not a bondage club, nor is it a strip joint or bikini bar.

Voyeur is just a regular, old, run-of-the-mill venue that caters to the bottle-service crowd. That would put it firmly in the same league as Villa, Opera, and all those other paparazzi-stalked venues where the music is crap (DJ who now?), the sound system is an afterthought, the decor is as plush and cheesy as a Quagmire's bedroom, and the bill is never itemized. (Yawn).

Still, Voyeur does wrap itself in sexually charged, bondage-like imagery — as seen on its site. It's no wonder that, following the revelation the Republican National Committee approved nearly $2,000 in expenditures at the club for partying young Republicans, Fox News and other sources pegged the place as a topless bar, likely as a result of its scantily clad go-go dancers.

The venue, which was once called 7969 and, before that, Peanuts, has always flirted with the edge of sexuality, whether it hosted leather-clad Goths or promoted a male-stripper night for girls. It was recently renovated and put on the TMZ map. But the venue hasn't lost its freaky edge. For young Republicans with a donor-supported expense account (the money was later reimbursed by an RNC giver), Voyeur probably represented a walk-on-the-wild-side milestone.

For the record, here's the statement Voyeur publicist Sarah Waldman gave to the Weekly: “Voyeur is an exclusive gathering place featuring avant-garde, live art installations. Voyeur is not a strip club or bondage club. Voyeur caters to high-end clientele and respects the privacy of all of our guests.”

LA Weekly