Angelenos have three new bars they can hit this weekend: The Churchill, Oldfield's Liquor Room and the Hollywood Magic Bar. (The opening of Josef Centeno's new restaurant, Bäco Mercat, has, sadly, been delayed until sometime in early November.)

The Churchill: Over in Mid-City West (Are we really calling it that? Apparently, we are.), the restaurant at the base of The Orlando hotel reopened this morning as The Churchill, courtesy of the folks who own The Hudson in West Hollywood. The vibe is upscale rustic, the cuisine is seasonal American, the executive chef is Jason Tuley (Square One in Santa Barbara). Behold the wonder of patio dining, shandies (beer + ginger ale) and two happy hours: daily from 3 to 7 p.m. and Sundays and Mondays from 10 p.m. until closing.

Oldfield's Liquor Room: In Culver City, the former Saints & Sinners reopens tonight as an old timey racing-themed bar with a name that pays homage to early 1900s speed racer Barney Oldfield. The bar pays homage to cocktails poured by Armando Conway (La Descarga), Aaron Stepka (A-Frame, Rivera) and Robin Jackson (Club Mallard in Northern California). The menu pays homage to seasonal sandwiches created by Chester Hastings (The Cheesemonger's Kitchen). Where did this all come from? From the dudes who overhauled Stinkers into Thirsty Crow.

Hollywood Magic Bar: You know what would be magical? Opening a bar in the Hollywood & Highland complex that isn't an instant tourist trap and/or douchebag-magnet. The Hollywood Magic Bar's going to give it the old college try with a dose of prestidigitation, card tricks and cocktails made with dry ice.

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