Attorneys today filed a libel lawsuit against Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger,
Sean Walsh, and the “California for the Schwarzenegger Campaign” accusing
them of an election eve smear of Rhonda Miller because she had accused the then-gubernatorial
candidate of groping her when he was an actor and she was a Hollywood stunt
double on the sets of True Lies and The Terminator. The lawsuit
follows an exclusive
column published November 7
by LA Weekly’s Nikki Finke detailing
exactly how, on the eve of California’s gubernatorial recall election, Schwarzenegger’s
campaign duped the news media to report untrue information that Miller was a
convicted felon with a six-page rap sheet. In fact, Miller has no criminal record
of any kind. Both KFI-AM’s John and Ken Show and MSNBC’s Scarborough
program had to retract the information they received in an October
6 email from the Schwarzenegger campaign sent by Walsh. Miller’s
lawsuit filed today
in L.A. County Superior Court by attorneys Gloria Allred
and Paul Hoffman seeks general damages, special damages, punitive damages and
plaintiff’s costs.

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