We've seen a lot of creative ways to pimp your badge in our conference going lives (@alexiatsotsis has been going to engineering conferences since she could walk) but none so well executed as the Web 2.0 conversation tag effort (see previous article here).

In honor of the innovation surrounding the Web 2.0 concept, we have provided our own DIY guide to Expo badge modification.

Step 1: Plan what you want the badge to say ahead of time, that way you can select the preexisting tags and not run out of letters. Set aside as many blank tags as you need for personalization

Step 2: Cut out the letters that you want and arrange accordingly.

Step 3: Remove sticky tabs from the blank tags and stick on the cutouts to form the new leetspeak words you've been learning all week (our favorite is “Diggbait”).

Step 4: Remove sticky tabs from the letters themselves and attach to your badge.

Step 5: Rock your awesomeness all over the Expo hall.

Step 6: Take pics of your badge or other rad DIY ones you've seen and #hashtag them #showyourbadge on Twitter. Best one we see gets a huge LAWeekly.com sign, a demo CD from some random guy we met on the street, and a free drink at Annabelle's later tonight.

@reply @alexiatsotsis and @laweekly for more details and/or inspiration. See you at today's keynotes!

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