We Were Sharks Reach New Low: Ontario, Canada, punks We Were Sharks release their new album, New Low, on May 21 via Revival Recordings. That’s been preceded by a single, “Over This.”

Of the album, singer Randy Frobel said via a press release, “New Low is a collection of songs that we created that focuses on being down but not out. Since the release of Lost Touch, we’ve experienced many of life’s ups and downs. We’ve lost relationships, friends and family, and have gone through a lot of unexpected challenges that life has a tendency to throw at you when you least expect it. However, no matter what may have tried to keep us down or hold us back, we always take the hit and keep pushing forward.”

Of the single, guitarist Jason Mooney said, “A lot of songs tell stories, but when we talked about what “Over This” was going to be about we decided to talk about a feeling or vibe rather than go the narrative route. We wanted to talk about the feeling you have when you find yourself in a place in life where you should be filled with joy, happiness, pride and essentially every positive feeling imaginable. Instead you feel lost with no sense of enthusiasm. Although you should appreciate the moments, you feel like you would rather be doing absolutely anything else and be anywhere else than where you are right now.”

To celebrate, the band is performing a “New Low Visual Experience” this weekend.

We Were Sharks Reach New Low: Tune in at 5 p.m. PT on Friday, April 30 via Veeps.

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