The only thing harder than making a lasting connection in L.A. is making a lasting connection when you can't recognize the person the next day.

In the tradition of our sister news blog at the Village Voice, we've been scoping Craigslist's Missed Connections this Halloween weekend, hoping for some lonesome Birthday Barbies and creepin' King Kongs — and some Jersey Shore zombies seeking lady officers, of course.

The highlights in full:

“Rocky Horror”

You attend the Rocky Horror Tribute last night at the Wiltern. I couldn't figure out your costume but it covered your head. Was it a tiger?

“Halloween Store on LaCienega”

I was with some friends tonight looking for costumes. You asked me to unzip you and asked me what I thought of the wig you picked out. I was a fool for not asking for your number.

“suspenders at cerritos mall”

sup bro u came into my store and bought some suspenders for your halloween costume. u were wearing a white T and blue jeans and u have tats on ur tricepts. :]

“Halloween horror nights”

we met outside the entrance for the Mummy Ride. infact, i asked your accomplice to take a picture of me infront of a mummy, whereafter you suggested I was faking an Egypt!! I then had the privilege of being seated besides you on the Mummy Ride coaster. After seeing you off with a “enjoy the rest of your evening”, I felt terribly empty .

“Mad Hatter”

i was driving to work when i saw you at the stop light. you had a mad hatter hat, curly hair and sporting some cool shades, you were looking very cute! i was gonna say hi but the light turned green.

“Circus (Friday) Latino with a white lab coat and white underwear”

Who knows if this works but you are a cute Latino that was westing only a white lab coat, white underwear and glasses. You are very handsome.

“Patrick & Malloy's – You were a Troll doll”

I'm glad we shared a few kisses. You were amazing. I still have your glitter on my face.

“passadena halloween party”

hey there you were the hot pirate i was looking at all night but your bf was there i guess u wanted to talk but couldnt so hit me up lets chat.


you were with a group of soldier girl you were the indian chick i looked at you all night wanted to say hi . if thats you reply

“you were hot ass hell”

I was with a bunch of guy friends that were trying to creep on you but I stopped all of them all the time (I'm usually the voice of reason). You had a white wig on and were dressed like a cop. You were really thick in the right places and can't talk to girls when I'm with a bunch of guys that are gonna end up embarrassing me. I wasn't that drunk but I never looked your way because I don't creep out girls. I wanted to say Hi but being with immature guys usually ruins shit.

“Crystal, outside of the Silent Movie Theatre”

Crystal, I met you outside the Silent Movie Theatre on Fairfax last night as you were passing out flyers. I was dressed as a Mad Scientist, and I thought we had a wonderful conversation about California, Health Insurance, and being an Independent Contractor.

“Zorro at house party”

Saw you at the Halloween party in Downey and thought you were HOT! Even though most of your face was covered I could tell a very handsome, confident guy was under that mask. … We talked briefly but your friend the Roman soldier dominated the conversation lol. Drop me a line and maybe we can grab some coffee without your friend.

“Blonde Rugby Player”

you were the hot blonde rugby player – dressed all in white with white short Aussiebum shorts that showcasd your great legs and carrying a rugby ball in your hands. I saw you at the Pali House on Sunday – I was dressed as a wrestler – we made eye contact

“'Jason' from 'Halloween' movie series”

Saw you a few fleeting moments roaming with the crowded party-goers at WeHo street party Sunday night. You looked “dreamy” as Jason from “Halloween” movie series. Our eyes met and locked.

“Jersey shore zombie seeks lady officer”

I had a black shirt and bite on my neck walking with Gumby and pokey, You very cute mom police officer with your two little coppers, can't stop thinking about your smile.

“Carmen Miranda and Harry potter?”

Hey we met in West Hollywood at the Halloween carnival you were a drunk carmen miranda? and your friend was harry potter (i think) us were the chilean miner and my wife snooki. Anyway you took a picture and you wanted to dance with my wife.

“Han Solo at Red Rock Bar”

You were dressed as Han Solo at Red Rock Bar on Sunset on Halloween night, I was dressed as Sookie Stackhouse/Merlotte's waitress from True Blood. I commented on your costume, but you gave my friend in the corset (and her boobs) all the attention. Was the come hither wave from the second floor meant for me, or for her?

“Weho Halloween – White Fro & Jock”

danced near each other for a short while, on upstairs dance floor at Eleven. i was in NYPD cop uniforn … so wanted to cuff you and take you away to serve time … together

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