We received a lot of hate mail after San Pedro topped our recent list of “L.A.'s 5 Surliest Neighborhoods.”

Let's get a few things straight. It was all in jest! We love San Pedro, from your Fish Market to your Lobster Festival, from Ports O' Call Village to the Maritime Museum. You're L.A. to the bone.

But here's the thing: Some of you took offense to being ranked as “worse” than some other 'hoods. This wasn't a list of ghettos or crime infestation, people. This was about tough guys. And, funny enough, some of your letters, while decrying our list, also admitted to some of the port community's surly ways.

Our favorite examples:

Alicia writes:

Not all dock workers are thugs and not everyone who is Crotian or Portuguese are immigrants here. I think San Pedro gets a bad wrap because we're deemed “The Ghetto by the Sea” but I wouldn't live anywhere else and when I have children, they'll be proud to be San Pedrian's too.

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Paul says:

I too was born in Pedro and spent my youth in Wilmas [Wilmington]. I was in town today, in fact.

Your article is poor journalism at best.

Robert Towne and the head of the Mexican Mafia also grew up in Pedro.

Not surly at all!

Credit: Pete / Flickr

Credit: Pete / Flickr

Alice writes:

Not everyone can afford Irvine or Newport or even Palos Verdes, which also borders San Pedro.


Gina says:

You forgot about the many Italian immigrants who live in Pedro. Freddie the leg breaker was a real guy in Pedro…my grandpas friend.


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Jess states:

San Pedro is considered the “ghetto by the sea” and home to the punk rock and skater scene.

… Nothing beats a brave night by the sea!

For real though.

And finally — of course! — while arguing that San Pedro is not scary, Jerry extended a friendly invitation:

… Come on down if your not scared.

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