It's billed as an “opera-no opera.” Get it? Yes? No? Actually, it sounds like an oleo of musical/theatrical styles, forms and traditions from everywhere. This Friday is your last chance to experience the world premiere of AH! , a “polyglot clarion call for understanding and unity in today's increasingly interconnected world.” A co-production of the Herb Alpert School of Music and the CalArts Center for New Performance, AH! pooh-poohs standard theatrical seating in favor of an “immersive visual and sonic environment” presented by creators from A Counterpoint of Tolerance, a special project of the Transatlantic Arts Consortium led by composer-performer David Rosenboom and award-winning poet Martine Bellen. In the cryptic words of Rosenboom and Bellen, AH! comprises “interwebbing variations, narrative actions, story woven into story form, one song, one story, one song-story story-song, one opera no-opera …” Make sense yet? If not, don't worry — it's not supposed to. This ingenious and daring project features more than 13 different languages; a wide variety of global instruments; musical robots; 3-D sound speaker pods; a laser Tetrahedron; a piano with Multi-Laser Gestural Controls; an outstanding cast of musicians, theatermakers and interactive artists; and you, the audience, whose sounds and conversations will be incorporated into the production.

Sept. 16-18, 8:30 p.m., 2009

LA Weekly