There is no shortage of biopics about musicians. Whether it's a film about the Doors, Johnny Cash, or Ray Charles, Hollywood loves to make musicians into Silver Screen icons. We happen to think that the current state of music in L.A. is better than ever, and that some of these smaller and indie bands will go on to do some great projects later on. In the future, someone in L.A.'s current indie scene will undoubtedly beget a biopic (will it be Best Coast? Wavves? Tokimonsta?), so we wanted to get a head start on the casting process by picking some alternative, relevant, buzzworthy actors to play the parts of our favorite alternative, relevant, buzzworth L.A. musicians of 2011.

10. Taylor Rice of Local Natives

As played by James Franco

The multitalented star of 127 Hours and General Hospital would have little trouble strapping on a guitar (and a stache) as Local Native's Taylor Rice. Hitting those sweet harmonies Rice lays down, now that's another story

9. Aloe Blacc

As played by Don Cheadle

Rumor has it that Don Cheadle may be behind an upcoming Miles Davis biopic, where he will play the lead character. We suggest as practice, Cheadle takes on the role of crooner Aloe Blacc to get a taste of the soul side.

8. Mayer Hawthorne

As played by John Hodgman

So not every film about L.A.'s scene has to be about the present. We like to imagine what some of our top musicians today will be doing in like 10 years. That's why we want John Hodgman to play an alternate universe Mayer Hawthorne, imagining the singer a decade into his career.

7. Zooey Deschanel

As played by Zooey Deschanel

There is no better actress to play the female side of She & Him than Zooey Deschanel. She has done copious research on the role, and apparently she even looks like singer (and kinda like some amateur porn actress as well). It's a match made in movie heaven.

6. Dee Dee of Dum Dum Girls

As played by Ellen Page

Ellen Page is trying to get indier by the day. She's always wandering around Silver Lake, shopping for clothes at Goodwill, as though she wasn't a zillionaire. As Dee Dee of the Dum Dum Girls, Page would finally get the inide cred she so desperately craves.

5. Baths

As played by Sean Astin

The hazy beatmaker Baths makes songs that are adventures, so who better to play the Chatsworth native than Sean Astin, the original adventurer in Goonies.

4. Hanni El Khatib

As played by Justin Long

As one of LA Weekly “Hottest Indie Guys,” El Khatib must have a way with the ladies. We think Justin Long may fit this role nicely, due to his ability to somehow hook up with some of the most beautiful ladies in Hollywood.

3. Randy Randall of No Age

As played by Jesse Eisenberg

The shaggy No Age guitarist is a staple of Los Angeles' now uncovered underground scene. Eisenberg has some experience playing young virtuosos, so he may be the perfect fit as Randall. And that shaggy mop fits nicely too.

2. Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast

As played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Best Coast's singer has been making some waves (see what i did there?) in the music world lately with her meteoric rise to notoriety. Mary Elizabeth Winstead too has become an indie darling of sorts with her role in Scott Pilgrim, making both ladies big hits in the Urban Outfitters crowd.

And the number one “actor” to be cast as one of the mayor players in the music scene is…

1. Snacks

As played by Garfield

Yes, it's the most famous cat in the indie world! Bethany Cosentino's meower deserves the most famous cat actor of them all: Garfield. Voiced by Bill M(ew)rray of course.

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