Sex is cool. We all do it, or attempt it, or think about it incessantly in yoga class and secretly wish the instructor would eat us out in scorpion pose.

I digress.

We love to do it but only sorta like to talk about it. Gossip with the girls over mimosas and gluten-free pancakes is one thing. But when you're worried his spooge tastes funky and it might be your fault, you're less likely to bring it up when the waitress brings the check.

And that's why the Internet exists. While searching for sploshing videos and photos of bodybuilders with giant clits, you can hit up Wikipedia to see what it might mean if your balls itch 21 hours a day.

It's also there to offer forums for sex therapists, personalities and other educated talents to share their knowledge and act as a sort of Friend From Afar to those who don't have an outlet for their carnal concerns.

And so the lovely Lora Somoza of had yours truly on her show “Between the Sheets” to be on hand to answer several of listeners' most frequently asked sex questions.

Among the topics discussed:

  • Low male libido
  • Female ejaculation (aka SQUIRTINNNNNGGGG!)
  • Smelly vaginas

Plus we talk about how discount poultry can enhance even the tiniest lady pecs, and if you use a Hitachi Magic Wand longer than 24 minutes you might burn your snatch.

Porn starlet Sunny Leone feels burning passion for her Hitachi

Porn starlet Sunny Leone feels burning passion for her Hitachi

Wanna listen now? Put the cats to bed, tell your boss you need some private time, and stream it instantly HERE.

Or save it for later via iTunes podcast. Either way, listen up and take notes.

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