We Amor Amorphis: Finnish metal band with a medieval bent Amorphis are out in support of this year’s brand new Halo album. Expect big riffs and gruff vocals, and maybe a bit of chanting. UADA, Sylvaine, and Hoaxed also play.

Halo was released on February 11 through Atomic Fire Records. According to a press release, “In the past, mythology and legend took the role of today’s pop culture: Stories and a set of values uniting us by giving us a voice and a tapestry on which we can find each other and identify with something. By weaving the tales of Finnish national epos Kalevala into their songs and interpreting them in a timeless way, AMORPHIS combines the role of ancient minstrels and luminaries of

the modern world, honoring tradition without getting stuck in the past.”

“It really is a great feeling that we can still produce very decent music as a band,” said guitarist Esa Holopainen in a statement. “Perhaps a certain kind of self-criticism and long experience culminate in these latest albums. It is thoroughly recognizable AMORPHIS from beginning to end but the general atmosphere is a little bit heavier and more progressive and also organic compared to its predecessor,” he elaborates..”

We Amor Amorphis: The event takes place at 7 p.m. on Saturday, April 30 at the El Rey Theatre.


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