Your experience may vary. But every time we get on the 10 freeway at the behest of Waze, it's the wrong call. 

Maybe the 10's just always a parking lot.

The good news is that traffic app Waze's freeway and highway info could be getting a lot better. Caltrans this week announced that it will be providing its own roadway data to the app firm.

We're talking “road condition reporting data, construction and road closure information,” according to a statement from the state agency.

In return, Waze will give its user-generated traffic data to Caltrans. The agency will make that info available on its online QuickMap.

“Under this agreement, Waze will share with Caltrans the free, anonymous traffic and incident report data from Waze users (called Wazers),” the agency states. “This data will provide real-time travel information on California's roadways provided by Caltrans' QuickMap.”

The city and county governments already have data-sharing agreements with the app.

Waze says it has 1.7 million active users in L.A. who contribute to more than 2.5 million alerts about accidents and potholes each month.

“Combining the real-time anonymous data from Waze, sourced from drivers themselves, with Caltrans' vast network of traffic management systems is a win-win for California drivers,” said Caltrans director Malcolm Dougherty.

Happy trails.

LA Weekly