Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is the name of Jerry Seinfeld's new web series, and, as the title suggests, is about comedians (plus Alec Baldwin) getting into cars to get coffee. And to tell jokes and stories and laugh over coffee, presumably, as we all do, or maybe should do, and to see what else happens when people who are funny for a living are amped up on caffeine.

Based on the trailer, comedians who got into their cars to get coffee with Seinfeld include Larry David, who orders herbal tea instead of coffee (“I can talk just as well holding this cup, as if there was coffee in it. What's the difference?”), Ricky Gervais and Michael Richards. As for Baldwin, he cracks Seinfeld up with his story about — what else? — punching someone in the face.

And while the trailer emphasizes the coffee part of the title, there are a few fleeting shots of pretty cars. Apparently, comedians not only like coffee, they also like classic automobiles (hello, vintage Dodge Challenger).

The show is being presented by and premieres July 19 at 9 p.m. EDT.

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