It’s 2015, so we can't believe no one thought of this sooner: a psychological thriller about a killer dubstep DJ. Enter the Dangerous Mind, or EDM for short, drops (get it?) in select theaters and on iTunes on February 6. You can check out the trailer below.

The film follows the story of introverted Jim, played by Jake Hoffman (son of Dustin), who spends hours in his apartment producing dance music to distract himself from the voices in his head. When he’s not holed up in his room, Jim hangs out with his douche canoe pal, Jake (played by Thomas Dekker) who constantly criticizes Jim for not getting out enough.

Jim can’t catch a break until he meets an aspiring social worker named Wendy, played by Twilight’s Nikki Reed, who’s intrigued by Jim’s DJ skillz. But when Jim gets intimate with Wendy for the first time, he can’t seem to shake his psychosis, and her romantic feelings for Jim quickly fizzle out. As Wendy slips away, so does Jim’s sanity, and everyone falls victim to his savage schizophrenia.

Despite its painfully corny title, Enter the Dangerous Mind may still be worth going to some obscure theater to see, especially since critics are saying it’s halfway decent and disturbing as hell.

Peter Martin, who writes for Twitchfilm, certainly got the heebie-jeebies. He says the film “exerts a gravitational pull into a well of despair that is overwhelming and/or repellent. Afterward, my stomach remained clenched up. Your emotional mileage may vary.”

Anton Bidel of Grolsch Film Works also highlights the film’s trippy psychological twists, saying that “while the film is full of jarring distortions and violent mood swings, it never hits a wrong note.”

The film’s electronic soundtrack, which gets more aggressive and bass-heavy as Jim falls further into insanity, also sounds pretty compelling. Dorothy Burk of PopMatters, who thought it was the best movie at 2013's SXSW Film Festival, calls the dubstep and drum-and-bass-infused score “breathtaking.”

So consider seeing Enter the Dangerous Mind, even though you may not be able to listen to brostep ever again without getting severely creeped out. 

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