Okay, so Genghis Khan, a druid, and Gandalf sit down for a picnic… We're not sure what the punchline is just yet, but it most definitely involves some sort of robe exchange and gratuitous stroking of mustaches. You can make up your own ending after watching this new video from L.A.-based stoner rock trio Dead Meadow. The song, “That Old Temple,” is set to appear on pending “feature length film and soundtrack” The Three Kings.

The video is directed by Artificial Army, who've worked with The Mars Volta and The Sword among others. This is apparently “the first glimpse of The Three Kings multi-media project to surface later this year on Xemu, which will include new music from the band as well as re-recorded classics from their catalogue.”

Still searching for that perfect punchline? Perhaps a couple of similarly themed recent pot-sludge classics can help. After the jump, watch that video's DNA unravel via two videos from likewise SoCal-based purple hazers (one is NSFW, FYI). Here's hoping The Three Kings includes lots of boobies and a robot beat-down.

“Redeemer” by Imaad Wasif':

“Stumped” by Goblin Cock:

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