You'll remember the Masses as the film collective that helped launch Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, and also as the film collective that Heath Ledger helped launch. (Read about that in Randall Roberts' fantastic piece, “A Port in the Storm.”) And you'll hopefully recall 60 Watt Kid from our INCHES vinyl column.

But if not, don't sweat it. No history lessons are needed to understand the heartful yearning and fight against emptiness that both the 60WK song, “Take the Pain Out of Your Chest,” and the Masses video, directed by Matt Amato, embody so well. Singer Kevin Litrow stars in the short, playing a down-and-out family man on his birthday.

“Anger will twist you. Fear will shake you”:

A fun, slightly relevant fact (unconfirmed) from

While living in poverty, singer Kevin Litrow had to resort to stealing light bulbs from his apartment's laundry room on a regular basis to keep his place lit. In reaction to his petty crimes, the manager of the apartment complex posted a bulletin that warned tenants to “watch out for the 60 watt kid.” This alias spawned the name for Litrow's folk-noise project.

If you like the song, download it over at the super great FMLY blog.

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