This just in. It seems that OK Go drummer Dan Konopka has left the band.

The reason: He's become chattel of notorious Muppets drummer Animal due to his failure to beat the hard-rocking puppet in a staring contest.

West Coast Sound suspects foul play. How else could it have been that a living, breathing human being — who requires the act of blinking in order to maintain good ocular health — could have lost to an inanimate object?

We're baffled.

The face-off evidently took place backstage at the Webby Awards, held in New York on June 14, where OK Go received the honor of “Film and Video Artist of the Year.” Talk about bittersweet.

It appears that comedian Zach Galifianakis was some sort of officiant, as he can be seen looming over the proceedings in the video.

A significant amount of cash was lost, and Konopka is now, officially, Animal's roadie.

LA Weekly