Late last year — via our Rock Picks, of all sources — LA Weekly broke the news that Mia Doi Todd and Michel Gondry were working together. As it turned out, the magnificent L.A. cult folkster and the endlessly inspired French director had collaborated on a music video, natch, for the unreleased tune, “Open Your Heart.”

The original event in question was a December 17 screening of that clip, followed by a performance from Dodd herself, at Westwood's Hammer Museum. Not to be outdone, the East Side last night played host to a surprise set starring the star-crossed creators as part of Todd's current Spaceland residency.

Well, at long last, the rest of the world can see the fruits of this shared labor. They (and you) can also catch a glimpse of Dublab founder Mark “Frosty” McNeill, whose face is the first to appear in the clip (he's the one all the way to the right, banging on the railing), after a cameo from a sweet '80s rocker babe with amazing hair. Dig those colors, man!

Well, after the jump, of course.

American Apparel is kicking itself in its mesh-clad ass right now for not having its logo all up in that. Skittles too. But West Coast Sound thinks the inspiration for this many-hued visual feast comes from Gondry's known obsession with the Rubik's Cube.

In 2006, the guy (pronounced “ghee”) caused a stir on Teh Internets by “solving” one of those infernal puzzle boxes with his feet. The clip racked up a viewership that reached into the millions, but for some reason, it only now exists on the Tube in bootleg form.

Proof that viral-ity was obtained? How about a college bro turning it into a dick joke?

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