We're still not sure where Sisterworld is.

Best we can tell, it's only visible through a peephole or a strange mirrored triangle, and it's completely paradoxically devoid of womenfolk.

Which makes it sound kind of boring and unattainable. Hardly true for the album itself, which happens to be the latest from L.A.-via-N.Y.C. art-punk band Liars.

Sisterworld is a record like most other Liars records in that it's chock-full of ideas, spiky, challenging, unpredictable and highly rewarding. Liz Ohanesian wrote all about it in a recent feature.

The new video for “The Overachievers” seems to suggest a different take on Sisterworld: a place where one man's glassy-eyed malaise seems to hide something incredibly sinister.

Something that's hung inside a bag, dripping dark, viscous liquid into a tub below.

The song itself is a bit of an L.A. anthem — or a loving diss track depending on how sensitive your sarcasm meter is. There is something slightly disconcerting about joining the band in chanting “L.A.! L.A.!” after they deliver the lines: “We drove a bio-car / 'cause we all love the earth / It didn't get us far / and always sounded like a walrus / with ulcers.”

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