Grant “GRiZ” Kwiecinski is not your typical dance-music producer. He plays a mean saxophone, for one thing. And his music, though it can get pretty glitchy, has always been more rooted in funk and soul than in the straightforward, 4/4 rhythms of today's EDM.

Now, GRiZ is taking the next logical step with his music and enlisting a full band to bring his funky sound to life. A group of musicians including two guitarists, bass, drums, horns and two vocalists joined the Detroit-based producer at Swing House Studios in Los Angeles to cut an extra–funked-up version of “The Anthem,” the lead track off his latest album, Say It Loud. Then the whole crew headed down to Venice Beach at sunset, performed “The Anthem” live on the boardwalk for passersby and captured the whole thing on video. You can watch the fun unfold below.

“One of the largest challenges, greatest reward, and best times I've had this year was forming a band and performing an instruments-only version of one of my songs,” GRiZ says. “Keeping the funk and musicality alive in the world of electronic dance music.”

For more on GRiZ, including free music and his current “Super Shagadelic” tour dates, visit

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