Mixologists of the world can rejoice as L.A. mixmasters (see what we did right there?) and Coachella performers Glitch Mob have clearly gotten their hands on a technological prototype set to revolutionize the act of bartending.

Think back to the last time you ordered a drink at one of this city's less dive-y institutions. We're willing to bet you a round of mezcal shots from Las Perlas* that the barkeep closed your tab with a series of touchscreen maneuvers.

We'll bet a second round** that said barkeep's seemingly extrasensory mastery of the device was quite impressive — perhaps even akin to whatever it is Spock does to keep the Enterprise in line.

Well, hold onto your hats, dear readers. These electro-mafiosos have flipped that old tab-settler on its head, and enabled it to do something far cooler than fly a spaceship: Party-rock, bro.

If you like to see dudes in fitted leather jackets pump their fists in the air and tap plastic, then this is the clip for you.

Is this why the Glitch Mob weaseled out of its handshake contract with Alpha Pup, effectively leaving Low End Theory behind for good? To divine advanced methods of stylish douchebaggery?

Perhaps we're being too hard on the boys — although we did call them stylish. We too grooved to “The Rockafeller Skank” in 1998.

Learn about the Glitch Mob's go-to device here.

*No, we didn't mean this at all.

**Still not happening.

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