Often troubled but admirably candid L.A. rapper Fatlip has returned with a brand new sound. The former Pharcyde member goes electro-funk in a just-out video for the unreleased song, “LA Girls.”

We assume he's not talking about the kind of L.A. girl that he accidentally picked up on Crenshaw Boulevard that one time when he'd left his shoes at home and hence wasn't able to get too good a look at the person he was trading digits with.

(Hear his classic, Spike Jonze-filmed version of the story after the jump. Whaddup E. Murphy.)

In the new clip, as our friends at URB put it, “the MC and a bevy of beauties do a Teen Wolf-meets-Thriller dance in front of the Pantages theater.” Also, Fatlip raps in a British accent, ditches a girl when she starts quoting Marilyn Manson, and stands idly by while a chick defaces one of Roger Waters disastrous PR propaganda pieces.

Also according to URB, who had the debut yesterday, “The song was produced by Yeti Beats and will appear on an upcoming compilation of studio work by the Cali producer this fall. The two will also tour together after the first of the year.”

Watch the “LA Girls” clip via Vimeo, and watch this too:

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