Mayor Eric Garcetti beamed victoriously following the Made in America festival over the weekend. He “aggressively pursued” the event, his office said, despite objections from some neighbors and the general sense that the party on city streets was ramrodded past the public-comment process.

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Garcetti, seen head-bobbing next to event curator Jay Z and Beyonce as DJ Steve Aoki spun his tunes Sunday, said it was all worth it. “We showed L.A. can do big things for our economy and people's enjoyment,” he said. 

It was a grand success. Or was it? Experts say the two-day party probably didn't make money. But maybe that wasn't the point.


The official stats: Nobody died, the L.A. County Department of Coroner said, and the all-ages crowd was relatively well-behaved.

Saturday saw 29 arrests, including six for drug-related felonies, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. On Sunday police issued 67 citations, including three felony arrests for possession of narcotics and a parole violation, Officer J. Kim told us. 

The kind of gatecrashing sometimes associated with all-ages events at makeshift venues didn't materialize.

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