Some might call them “snake oil salesmen or New Age nutjobs.” We prefer “cutting-edge experts in the fields of health and nutrition.” Those with an open mind and a thirst for information beyond what is generally accepted will want to spend this weekend hanging out at the seventh annual Health Freedom Expo (subtitled “The Freedom to Know, the Power to Choose”). There will be more than 200 exhibits and some 90 speakers, including Dr. Leonard Coldwell, who claims, “Every cancer is curable, usually in two to 16 weeks” Dr. Harvey Bigelsen (“Doctors are more harmful than germs.”); Scott Kennedy (“Are you taking your vitamins or are they taking you?”); Dr. Tsu Tsair-Chi (fingernail and tongue analysis); Sandy Harton (“The King of Mushrooms”); and an author named Vaishali (“How I healed myself from two terminal illnesses without using Western medicine, prescription drugs or surgeries”). Also present will be D.C. attorney Jonathan Emord, who believes governments worldwide are censoring health information to protect drug companies from competition. (We're told he has defeated the Food and Drug Administration more times — seven! — than any attorney in U.S. history.) Adding to the mix are healthy lifestyle celebrities Mariel Hemingway and Daryl Hannah, nutritionist and legendary comedian Dick Gregory and chef Alex Jamieson, who nursed her documentary filmmaker husband Morgan Spurlock back to health after he ate McDonald-s three times a day for 30 days for his film Super Size Me. The guest we-re especially looking forward to meeting is George Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM, the nation-s most compellingly bizarre late-night radio talk show. (Separate tickets are required for his appearance, and include lunch.) Will Noory be discussing “Alien Abduction and Bladder Health”? We'll just have to wait and see.

Fri., March 25; Sat., March 26; Sun., March 27, 2011

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