From Diggriffic, here's a handy little video that'll walk you through how to make up a batch of glue that'll keep your stuff up on walls until the bomb drops – or the paint cans come out.

Of course, we disseminate this knowledge is for purely informational purposes. Because we all know that in Los Angeles, trying to do something like this can prove too be very dangerous if you end up being seen by someone who doesn't like what you're doing.

Wheat- Paste Posters – video powered by Metacafe

It's that simple!

Disturbing as the linked LA Times story is, it's the comments that made me really wonder about how long it's going to take for the graffiti issue to explode in LA. It's also amazing how few people get that the kind of gang graffiti that this guy got shot over has nothing to do with the kind of writing, art, and culture that we try to show on Lurker. It's not the same thing.

Click here for the LA Times comments on the Hollywood shooting.

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