What is gourmet bathing? This will soon be the burning question for residents of Venice, who are about to get their very own social club with a membership centered around the activity. Not only that, but this gourmet bathing will take place at Anjelica Huston's house.

Page Six is reporting that Huston is planning to turn her Venice home, nicknamed “the Fortress,” into a private club, called the Venice Social Club (why there isn't a hipster bar or beer garden or something already named that is beyond me). Membership will cost $2,000 a year.

There will be a farm-to table restaurant, a screening room and “cultural programming.” From the article: “According to the proposal, Venice Social Club's members' shared interest is 'gourmet bathing,' and explains 'gourmet bathing activities will range from surfing, hot-spring excursions, seltzer-water tastings, and dipping in the club's pool.'”

Of course, this grand dream will only materialize if “potential investors” take the bait. Although, who wouldn't want to invest in gourmet bathing and seltzer-water tastings? Sheesh.

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