When it comes to waffles in Los Angeles, there's no lack of options. You can find sugar-studded versions at Pasadena's Waffles de Liege or ones topped with fried chicken at Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles. Maybe you want yours sweet, savory and peppered with bacon like at the Nest in Belflower. Or you can choose from the 15 Belgian-style waffles at More Than Waffles in Encino.

But only at Bru’s Wiffle in Santa Monica can you take your waffle love to the extreme with a three-course meal of, yes, waffles.

For the first course, there are sliders on mini-waffle buns. The entrees include waffle tacos (called “wacos”) and waffles topped with smoked salmon scramble. For dessert, waffles come as churros flavored with chocolate or with peanut butter, banana and bacon — as Elvis would've preferred.

Over the last five years, owner Ebru Caplan has come up with countless variations on the waffle. There are a half-dozen incarnations of her crispy chicken and waffles alone. One has goat cheese and honey, another is blanketed with salsa verde, fried eggs and Swiss cheese. The simplest version, Dwight's Special, comes with four sauces, including ranch and maple syrup.

Caplan's waffle recipe, which she spent six months testing, produces waffles that are on the softer side. Those who like a crisper waffle need only make the request.

Chocolate dessert waffle at Bru's Wiffle; Credit: Christine Chiao

Chocolate dessert waffle at Bru's Wiffle; Credit: Christine Chiao

Last January, she opened Bru’s Counter in West L.A., with a menu focusing on sandwiches and pizzas made from a wood-fired grill. But you'll still find a waffle or two.

Bru's Wiffle, 2408 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica; (310) 453-2787; bruswiffle.com.

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