All you politicians and would-be politicos out there it's time to play that game we call musical chairs: The L.A. City Clerk warns that it's time to move to the voting district you plan to temporarily represent while you think of a better political gig.

If you don't move now, you won't just be ineligible.

You'll be in criminal trouble with District Attorney Steve Cooley for perjury and other crimes for living in the wrong district, like city Councilman Richard Alarcon (allegedly).

When the dust settles we predict more than few folks will have swapped locations in pursuit of a Los Angeles City Council or Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education seat.

The day you must (act like you) live in the voting district you desire: Oct. 9.

Even-numbered council district seats are up (PDF) in 2011, starting with the March 8 primary. The general election is May 17. Filing deadline is Nov. 13.

So, if you're brave enough to take on the new guy, Paul Krekorian, of the council's Valley-based District 2, have we got a house for you: Redfin lists a three-bed, two-bath, 1,800-square-foot ranch home at 6248 Bellaire Ave. in beautiful North Hollywood for only $650,000:

Credit: Redfin / WILLIAM MARTI,  ICCC

Credit: Redfin / WILLIAM MARTI, ICCC

In Bernard Parks' District 8 (he calls it “the great eight”), you can get a sweet four-bed, three-bath at 5440 Weatherford Dr. in tony Baldwin Hills for a steal of a deal: $699,000. But trust us, if you're taking on the former police chief (who had to face a few questions about his own residency recently), you're out of your mind (but here's a picture anyway):

Credit: Redfin /  Yvonne Folk,  Knowles & Morgan Realty

Credit: Redfin / Yvonne Folk, Knowles & Morgan Realty

Finally, movin' on up? To the Eastside — District 14? First, you're going to have to take on Jose Huizar, who appears to be fairly connected. Second, you're going to have to get a house. Might we suggest 2457 Norwalk Ave. in Eagle Rock, where $1 million and change gets you a multi-level, four-bed, 4.5-bath behemoth! But hurry, this election's not waiting for you to move in:

Credit: Redfin / Cherryl Weaver,  Re/Max Tri-City

Credit: Redfin / Cherryl Weaver, Re/Max Tri-City

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