You know what we love about L.A? Its vast diversity. It's just amazing. From the Bangladeshi store keepers to the Oaxacans along Venice Boulevard. You want Thai tacos? We know a place …

But before we break out in “Kumbaya,” there is this little story about a Korean guy who doesn't like Jews. Allegedly.

Only in L.A:

Late yesterday prosecutors announced they have charged 46-year-old Wan Ryung Song, a.k.a. Patrick Song, with “making malicious false bomb reports and vandalism of religious property” — and hate crime, according to a District Attorney's statement.


Turns out Song allegedly phoned in a bomb threat Tuesday morning: Cops say he told operators explosives had been planted on or near a police car parked outside the Wilshire Boulevard Temple.

(Parking empty black-and-whites outside potential terror targets, particularly Jewish houses of worship, seems to be a crime-fighting tool for the LAPD).

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Not only that but “anti-Semitic graffiti was scrawled on a wooden construction wall on temple property,” according to the D.A.'s office.

That crime, including a “depicted a Swastika and corresponding anti-Semitic rant,” happened Dec. 6, according to a police statement.

The LAPD says they arrested Song Tuesday after he was found “hiding and secreting himself behind the police vehicle,” according to the department.

Meanwhile cops had to use a robot and a “Batcat” to lift up the cop car and make sure there wasn't actually a bomb or bombs there, the LAPD says.

Song phoned in the threats earlier from the comfort of a payphone at the nearby Hyun Dae Health Spa, where he happens to be a member, police allege. Hmm.

Police say Song is a naturalized citizen who was born in South Korea.

Prosecutors say he has three prior and recent convictions for making criminal threats. Ouch.

What we love about this story is that L.A. is so frigging diverse that we could even have alleged Korean-on-Jew crime even. What's up New York? We're impressed.

His bail was set at $170,000. Song was scheduled to appear in court today.

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