The California Labor Federation has taken campaign attacks to another level. Now available for online users everywhere, “Wall Street Whitman” is an interactive video game mocking gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman's record of allegedly slashing jobs.

“You're Wall Street Whitman,”the main menu of the game reads, “Sack employees by tossing them pink slips.”

The new online video game shows Meg Whitman advancing her career at companies like Stride Rite, Hasbro, FTD, eBay and Goldman Sachs. Players advance to the next level, or company, by throwing pink slips at workers.

“Our video takes a humorous approach to document Whitman's record of downsizing and outsourcing jobs, but let's be clear: her Wall Street Agenda for California is no joke,” Art Pulaski, executive secretary-treasurer of the California Labor Federation stated.

The game is featured on and was launched with an accompanying video “that highlights Whitman's job-slashing corporate history,” according to a statement from the federation.

How many employees can you terminate?

LA Weekly