Given that so many examples of children's theater are simply appalling — the equivalent of Muffin the Puppet singing “Sharing Is Caring and Obey your Parents” or some such rubbish — what a pleasure it is to see a work, aimed at a young audience, that possesses both intellectual heft and genuinely involving emotion.
Playwright Mike Kenny's drama Walking the Tightrope is about grief, but the handling of the subject is deft and nuanced, while also being told from a child's point of view. The play takes place in a British seaside town, circa 1950s, as little girl Esme (a beautifully gamine but not obnoxious Paige Lindsay White) arrives for her annual visit to her grandparents. She discovers that her grandmother is nowhere to be found and her sad grandfather (Mark Bramhall) fibs that she has gone to join the circus, a lie that Esme quickly realizes is meant to keep the old man from accepting the truth himself about his wife's passing.
Richly evocative, director Debbie Devine's heartfelt production is touching and truthful without descending into mawkish sentimentality. Bramhall's crusty, grieving granddad and White's thoughtfully perky Esme are great together. Tony Duran also delivers a standout turn, as the ghostly presence of the grandmother's spirit.

Saturdays, 2 p.m.; Sundays, 2 p.m. Starts: Jan. 26. Continues through May 18, 2013

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