Wal-Mart has long been one of American citizens' most reliable suppliers of unhealthy packaged foods. Today, as The New York Times reports, the company has proclaimed its intention to, over the next five years, reduce the levels of sodium, fat, and sugar in thousands of its products. And, interestingly, to make the fruits and vegetables it sells less expensive.

Wal-Mart doing this is the corporate equivalent, we feel, at least on face-value, of a boozehound hanging up his drinking mug, or a presidential candidate switching parties.

Of course, it's not so simple — and congratulations are definitely in order. It looks as if the move sprang out of talks Wal-Mart has had with Michelle Obama, the First Lady and White House gardener-in-chief, who has, to the delight of food policy folks, highlighted child obesity as a major issue.

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