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Maybe we had a feeling that something big would happen at Low End Theory last night. After all, Odd Future DJ Syd was scheduled to spin. And, just maybe, Gaslamp Killer's remix of Charlie Sheen's rants was some sort of foreshadowing that the night would turn out to be unpredictable. But, when the members of the collective known as OFWGKTA, or Odd Future, took over the nightclub stage last night, no one was expecting it.

It happened like this. Shortly before Syd's scheduled 11 p.m. set time, Low End Theory resident (and, in the interest of full disclosure, my longtime friend) Nobody played MellowHype, one of the groups associated with OFWGKTA. With that, the members of the hottest group in town ended up on stage. He followed the track with a Waka Flocka Flame number. That's when both the DJ and those of us in the audience noticed that things were getting wild on stage. Somehow, Syd's laptop fell victim to the party.

Credit: Josh "CuriousJosh" Reiss

Credit: Josh “CuriousJosh” Reiss

“I didn't know what was happening,” said Nobody.

It was a night that could have ended horribly, but it didn't. Low End Theory's Daddy Kev asked Nobody if he had some Odd Future tracks. He did. A few members of OFWGKTA, including Syd and Tyler the Creator, told Nobody which tracks to play.

“I had them all,” he said. “I got lucky.”

Nobody DJs for Odd Future; Credit: Josh "CuriousJosh" Reiss

Nobody DJs for Odd Future; Credit: Josh “CuriousJosh” Reiss

Odd Future performed live with Nobody acting as their DJ.

“It was the most hype shit I've ever been part of, pretty much,” said Nobody. “The kids were just going fucking crazy.”

I hadn't seen Odd Future play before last night, but the set managed to live up to my expectations after seeing last week's Jimmy Fallon performance. From the back of the crowded room, I couldn't get a good count of how many people were on stage, but there were a lot. All the while, you could hear people in the audience screaming and chanting. It was chaotic, but, at the same time, the members of Odd Future know how to perform.

“They know what their fans like,” said Nobody.

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