Waiting for Bowiedot Act I

Caroline: Let's go!

Linda: We can't

Caroline: Why not?

Linda: We're waiting for Bowiedot

ok, that's my interpretation of the Beckett-like evening we had last night at the Cult of 8 Book Club. The Club claims to be “bringing culture back to Hollywood” and holds readings every Monday at Avalon's Spider Club, Skylight brings in some books to sell, someone reads excerpts from them,

and a Dj spins thematically linked music. This past Monday, the books were A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking, (Cult of 8 spelled his name wrong on the invites, they wrote  “Steven” maybe they can work on bringing spelling back to Hollywood) and Bowie's new book Moonage Daydream (with the DJ spinning Bowie all night). The connection— they are born on the same day. Rumor had it Bowie was going to turn up to read passages from his own book. And a handful of people waited more than three hours to see if the rumor was true. I thought it was highly unlikely, but what if he DID show I'd never forgive myself, so I waited along with them. But, as I suspected, the God of Glam never arrived. 

I loved these guys (left), huge Bowie fans, they're in a band I forgot the name I had been waiting so long. And the chick reading above runs a shop called Smooth 'n Purdy. The hosts of the show kept all of us there until the bitter end with promises of a surprise guest. The surprise guest came alright. Let me preface this by saying, I've seen a performance artist eat his own shit, I've watched Faces of Death, I like a good retard joke now and again,  I am not easily offended. but I was completetly disgusted by the dude they wheeled out who pretended to be Stephen Hawking doing stand up. It was revolting. It was about as clever as the upcoming list of book reading events, all tied to someone's birthday, how lame! next week is Edgar Allan Poe, one my favorites but I could care less if it's his birthday or hearing the best Goth music from the last 25 years, then it's Robert Burn's birthday on the 23rd.  I think I'd rather watch someone eat their own waste. Cult of 8 is a good idea poorly executed.

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