West Coast Sound has seen a lot of shows, listened to many LP's, MP3's and digital streams, chatted with far out musicians and been around the block for a while. But we can't really fathom what will happen tomorrow night when Black Francis plays with Flea, members of the Pixies, Love & Rockets, She Wants Revenge, and… “Weird Al” Yankovic (imagine West Coast Sound's voice raising at the end of this sentence, as though West Coast Sound's brain was put into a staticky, “does-not-compute” cerebral meltdown)?

Yeah, We're confused. We heard about this last month, but it's still hard to grasp what will happen when Bauhaus, the Pixies, Black Francis, Jack Black and Mr. Yankovic congregate under the same roof. Regardless, when these worlds collide, the Winston Calling benefit at the Echo tomorrow and Wednesday (where alt-comedy [whatever that means] heroes Tim & Eric, Bob Odenkirk will appear), will raise money for Winston's Village, a fund started by the family of Winston Bertrand, a baby born with two really rare and life-threatening conditions.

And as you know, West Coast Sound, much like Wu-Tang Clan, is for the children.

Grab some tickets here and experience some jams and jokes to help out the little guy.

Tuesday's Line up:

Black Francis w/ Flea, members of Pixies, Love & Rockets, She Wants Revenge, Weird Al Yankovic, OK GO, Kim (from The Muffs) and more

Tenacious D

Michael Penn

David J (Love and Rockets/Bauhaus)

Grand Duchy (feat: Black Francis & Violet Clark)

The 88

Wednesday's Line up:

Tim and Eric (music set)

Bob Odenkirk

Brian Posehn

Dave Lovering (magic act)

Feel free to request any of these songs, by yelling loudly from the audience at Mr. Yankovic.

Music Videos by VideoCure

Music Videos by VideoCure

White and Nerdy

Weird Al Yankovic | MySpace Music Videos

Music Videos by VideoCure

Music Videos by VideoCure

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