There's no way to know what's going to happen at Sunday's Million Dollar Revival. Sure this week's collaboration between the Pixies and Weird Al seemed bizarre (but turned out well), Sunday's Million Dollar Revival, a benefit for Cancer Schmancer Movement and the I Heart Inc, may be stranger. The line up is fairly mom-worthy, including performances by Jackson Browne, Olivia “Xanadu” Newton-John, and The Bird and Bee's Inara George.

The whole vaudeville-styled show is hosted by Fran Drescher, who will hopefully turn off her ear-stabbingly rough voice just for a moment. Luckily, the show at the Million Dollar Theater is for a good cause–Drescher is a cancer survivor herself–and the good people of Mortified will provide some choice readings from highly embarrassing high-school artifacts. Oh wait, and Stilt World will be there! Stilts!

Your mom will love it. Maybe your dad will love it. Anyone got a gay uncle out there? Anyone? Gay uncles will love it. Should be a good chance to support cancer education and get some quality time with your 'rents and/or uncles. And Fran Drescher.

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