We wondered aloud this week why, in an era when you can order a pizza with a few touch-strokes on your iPhone, voting is still so 1950s. Look through your voter guide, fill out bubbles on the Scantron-like sheet that correspond to your picks, and don't get it wrong, or you'll have to start it all over. Playing the lottery is easier.

Online voting is way overdue. No online taxation (we can file and pay taxes over the internet, right?) without online representation.

Our commenter du jour, jasmine, says hold on just a second:

Online voting also opens a host of problems, server crashes, etc.

computers are only as smart as their users, and I for one don't want an election being botched as a result of someones faulty programming,

the country's not ready for online polling,

just sayin'

Really, jasmine?

We entrust the global economy, taxes, drivers licenses, terror-watch lists, and the U.S. nuclear defense system to computers. But we can't vote online because of crashes?

Listen, people were complaining Tuesday about poll workers not checking I.D.s. There's far more leeway for fraud there than with computer hacking.

Let's get this online voting thing going by 2012, and let's start it here, in the most technological, green-conscious state in the nation.

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