There will be some suspenseful races in California tomorrow–like the ones that will decide whether the state will repeal the death penalty, or require labeling of GMO foods–but California's choice of president will not be among them. Obama has the Golden State's 55 electoral votes virtually locked up.

That fact could depress some ultra-wealthy Republican donors. But, instead of consoling themselves with a few Scrooge McDuck-style laps around their giant pools of money, one percenters can commiserate with voters of similar stock portfolio at a Sunset Boulevard hotel-turned-polling place.

Luxe Sunset Boulevard has announced, “In true Luxe fashion, the hotel will be offering voters in precincts 9001354A and 9001364A a unique voting experience.”

Voting has not always been easy, the hotel's press release helpfully reminds us:

In Maryland, voting rights and eligibility as candidates were extended to Jewish Americans in 1828; the Fifteenth Amendment, which gave any U.S. citizen regardless of race or color the right to vote, was ratified in 1870; and women were only granted the right to vote in time to participate in the Presidential Election of 1920.

…And, while on the topic of privilege, the $853-a-night hotel is pleased to announce they will be offering voters of Brentwood and Bel Air some very special perks… in the spirit of democracy!

Voters will be treated to complimentary valet parking and hors d'oeuvres throughout the day including coffee, muffins and delicious finger foods. The hotel's Luxe Lounge will feature live election results on its two flat screen televisions and every voter will receive a voucher for 10% off a future dinner at On Sunset restaurant and special room rates.

Don't scoff at that 10% off voucher, voters of precincts 9001354A and 9001364–it's really going to come in handy after Obama redistributes what's left of your wealth.

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