Here is key coverage so far by the L.A. Weekly staff regarding the Los Angeles March 5, 2013 primary:

–Proposition A: Sales Tax or Scam? By Hillel Aron

–and Prop. A Sales Tax Goliath Fought by “David” Jack Humphreville, By Patrick Range McDonald

–Wendy Greuel Dined with IBEW Boss During Criticism She's Too Close, By Gene Maddaus

–and Wendy Gruel, The Insider: Her Union Ties Could be Her Biggest Help or Biggest Liability, By Gene Maddaus

–Eric Garcetti's Solyndra: Broke L.A. Dangled $1 Million to Troubled Car Firm, By Gene Maddaus

–and Hollywood's Urban Cleansing: 12,878 Mostly Latinos Pushed Out, by Patrick Range McDonald

–and Garcetti Claims Ignorance on Owning Clear Channel Stock While Voting for 880 Digital Billboards, By Patrick Range McDonald

–Kevin James' Mayoral Dreams Get Legs, By Hillel Aron

–Jan Perry Bankruptcies Strangely Absent from Mayoral Race, By Gene Maddaus

–and from 2012 Jan Perry Vows to Speak Truth to Power, By Gene Maddaus

–Emanuel Pleitez: The Most Amazing Person Who Won't Win the March 5 Primary, By Patrick Range McDonald

–Los Angeles Unified School District Board: Can Kate Anderson Fix LAUSD?” By Hillel Aron

–and New York Mayor Bloomberg Pours in $1 Million to Elect Monica Garcia, Oust Zimmer, at LAUSD, By Jill Stewart

–and from 2012, Kate Anderson goes after Anti-Charter Steve Zimmer, By Jill Stewart

–L.A. City Council District 1: Cedillo V. Gardea, Ugly Fight for $178,789 Job, By Matthew Mullins

–L.A. City Council District 3: Bob Blumenfield Secretly Amended Changed Vote in Sacramento 89 Times, By Patrick Range McDonald

–L.A. City Council District 7: Felipe Fuentes Secretly Amended Switched Vote in Sacramento 138 Times

–and The L.A. Times' Tortured 'Endorsement' of Felipe Fuentes, by Patrick Range McDonald

–and from 2010: Felipe Fuentes, Worst Legislator in California, By David Futch

–L.A. City Council District 9: Will Local Knowledge Underdog Ana Cubas Emerge from Black v. Brown Battle with Carpetbagger Curren Price? By Patrick Range McDonald

–L.A. City Council District 13: Unions Push Unknown Carpetbagger John Choi over Local Knowledge Mitch O'Farrell, By Patrick Range McDonald

–and City Council District 13: John Choi Says “Labor Will be on Inside” if He Wins, By Gene Maddaus

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