'Tis the season for SXSW panel Twitter deluge, or as one attuned tweeter put it, “How to Annoy Your Friends with Social Media Pestering to Vote for Your SXSW Panel.”

Because we've also spent the better part of the morning slogging through the SXSWi panel goat rodeo (moment of Internet Zen: Yoga For Social Networkers anyone?), we've decided to post the top ten ones that have come across our radar, relevant to the L.A. Tech community and beyond.

Here they are, in no particular order:

Tips on voting from Tammy Gilmore at SXSWi: “PanelPicker won't save any votes unless one is logged in.” But once logged in you can even change your mind until the deadline on Sept 4. Feeling overwhelmed? A good way to search is by category, location, etc.

For example, here she searched:

Category: Back-End Programming Databases

Focus: Technical

Level: Intermediate

…and got 45 results that fit those combined criteria.

As Gilmore said, “Pretty neat!”

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Know of any we missed? Suggestions always welcome in the comments.

See you in Austin!

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