With its economic ascendance now rivaling its geographic dominance of South America, Brazil (or Brasil, as it appears in Portuguese) is also rising in the world’s cultural stages, gaining international appreciation for the diversity of its dance and music beyond Rio’s Carnivale and the Bossa Nova. As usual, L.A. has been ahead of the curve. For 12 years, locally based Viver Brasil has captured the high energy of traditional and contemporary Afro-Brazilian dance centered in Salvador, Bahia in northeast Brazil. For this performance of Viver Brasil: Feet on the Ground/Aiye, co-directors Linda Yudin and Luiz Badaro welcome guests from Latin America including Bahian choreographer Rosangela Silvestre, musician Jose Ricardo Sousa, vocalist Katia Moraes, and video artist Leonardo Bondani. Get in the spirit and join in the fun.

Fri., July 3, 8:30 p.m., 2009

LA Weekly