Visitors from around the nation have flocked to a Glendale home to pray to a Virgin Mary statue that appears to be weeping.

According to the Glendale News Press, resident Anahid Sallakian said the statue began “to weep” at 10:30 p.m. on July 19th while she was praying in her living room. Sallakian said she saw a star appear on the statue and when she touched it, her hand was covered with oil. The phenomenon lasted for nine days, she said.

Observers claimed that they have seen the statue's fingers move, saying they believe it is a sign from God.

Sallakian said that one woman was healed of her cancer after visiting the statue.

“She came back the next day and said nothing was wrong,” she told the newspaper. “This is a miracle. This happened.”

The house was flooded with thousands of worshipers from around the nation after the news spread via American and Armenian reports.

“For 15 days, I couldn't do anything in my house,” Sallakian said. “I couldn't cook or anything. I cannot explain what happened.”

LA Weekly