For a brief period during last night's World Series game, Vin Scully was trending on Twitter. It was not — as many Twitter users feared — because he had died.

Instead, it was because sportswriter Joe Posnanski asked his followers who should be calling the games. Scully was the overwhelming choice.

Praising Scully is a polite way of complaining about Fox announcers Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. Posnanski followed up today with a post on what he doesn't like about McCarver. But to judge from Twitter, America really hates Joe Buck.

A sampling of the commentary from last night:

MarkH27: I hate Joe Buck. That is all.
AgRecruiter: Joe Buck is officially the WORST announcer in all of sports.
joshuadsilva: Joe Buck = most boring commentator in pro sports
Kevin_Columbo: I would rather watch the World Series on mute than listen to joe buck.

And so on.

Earlier this year, about 7,000 people signed an online petition asked Fox to bring Scully back into the booth for one more World Series. Even Joe Buck got on board, saying he'd “happily step aside to hear his voice… I would not fight that at all.”

Could it happen? Scully declined to comment when the petition was going around. But the New York Post talked to “insiders,” who say that while he is flattered, he isn't interested in calling another Series.

C'mon, man. Where's your sense of duty?

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