Word that the Dodgers' beloved, mellifluous broadcaster Vin Scully will return to the booth next season brought cheers from most.

But at the risk of drawing the hate mail (bring it!), check out a scathing anti-Scully piece a friend wrote in 2007.

Among the highlights of the piece:

Scully is 80.

The guys who wrote those gushing stories (about Scully) aren't much younger.

They grew up in an era of transistor radios and listening to ballgames while they fell asleep.

Fifty-seven years later Scully's talking people to sleep for all the wrong reasons. Or at least making them turn the channel. It's sad listening to an old man talking to himself, telling stories about the old days.


Juan Pierre is one the best base stealers of this generation. Yet when he's stealing bases, Scully's often trying to recreate a scene from “King Lear” while invoking the ghost of should-be Hall of Famer Gil Hodges.

The literary references are great. But if I wanted to ponder Socrates or the iambic pentameter of a John Donne sonnet, I'd switch off FSN Prime Ticket.

Our friend, the writer of the piece, had his tires slashed shortly after it ran, and he's always suspected some crazy Scully fan. True or not, it's funny.

LA Weekly