L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa got his body scanned Monday to prove that it's safe, secure and not-too-invasive. Except if you saw media coverage of the mayor's walk-through at LAX, you didn't really see much.

Come on, Mayor V., you ACLU supporter you, if the Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) scan is no big, let's see the whole process. We want to check out those free Lakers tickets in your pocket.

And while you're at it, send your hot girlfriend, KTLA reporter Lu Parker, through there too.

Don't worry, she won't feel violated. It's all in the name of security.

Because in order to fight terrorism, we must renounce our constitutional freedoms, have our bodies x-rayed, and submit to official federal gropings by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration.

In fact, the TSA says that if we start the screening process and turn down both the body scan and the grope, we'll have to pay five-figure civil fines. Now there's due process, Mayor V., you friend of the ACLU you.

As we've pointed out, the only reason we must suspend the American constitution is because last December's underwear bomber got through security, despite having been on a watch list, and tried to bring down a plane over Detroit.

Of course it wasn't Mayor V. or the TSA who stopped him. It was ordinary flight-crew members and citizens.

Like we've said before, we're sure glad nobody's tried to smuggle a sphincter bomb aboard a plane. That would create a whole new photo op for our camera-shy mayor.

As it is, the mayor didn't seem to demonstrate that the body scan is modest at all.

Our commenter of the day, “j a n,” says:

Interestingly, ABC news showed video of this on the evening news tonight. They also showed the mayor's actual body scan – but it was cropped at the waist! Which only serves to make the point…

Also, I notice the news only shows full frontal scans of women when they're assuring us how little we need to worry. There would really be an uproar if men saw that their entire “package” will be clearly reviewed.

As usual, Villraigosa talked the talk, but his walk left a lot to the imagination.

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